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Kang Youweis great-granddaughter appeared in the Thomas-Uber Cup

Kang Youweis great-granddaughter appeared in the Thomas-Uber Cup is like the Half-Blood white Fu (Figure),Louboutin pas cher
The now 17-year-old Ge Luoya Melbourne next higher, like reading and music. "I studied piano, violin and cello." Static / photo book ? Express correspondent Liang Jing Zhang Yihe Past Is Not Like Smoke ", which brought the daughter of Kang Youwei Kang Tongbi describe Last nobles,Christian Louboutin Sale Columbia Office website t, floral cheongsam, bun, abide by the old-fashioned rituals, death still miss the elegance of life in the past ... these description, it is difficult to contact with the front of Ge Luoya Samo Virgin. If not Ge Luoya himself admitted, and most people can not imagine, who represented Australia at the Uber Cup doubles brown hair and beauty, was actually Kangs great-granddaughter. Character file Geluo Ya

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Nanjing, a bus traveling the spontaneous combustion drivers evac

Nanjing, a bus traveling the spontaneous combustion drivers evacuation of finished passenger before jumping through the window
This car Metro D6 bus line bus accident burned only a "skeleton" Today,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher Wuhan rich decade ear, thanks to the driver, or else the consequences would be disastrous, it is estimated that a lot of people to be trapped in the car yesterday afternoon, talking about the bus spontaneous combustion accident, injured his arm Miss Ma so praised the bus driver of the parties. Yesterday, 16:00 or so, Miss Ma from the Jiangning District of Nanjing Jiangning town, take a Metro bus companies D6 line bus to go out, when the reaching the Banqiao street Sun Village section of, sudden spontaneous combustion accident. Fortunately, after the incident, the driver the first time to stop and open the door to the car more than 20 passengers safely evacuated, and finally jumping through the window. Four passengers suffered minor injuries in the accident, the driver falls face, right arm fracture. At present, the specific cause of the accident, the police are still under investigation. ? Modern Express (microblogging) reporter Li Shaofu text / photo sudden dangerous bus driving on the way to spontaneous combustion passengers safely evacuated at about 16:00 yesterday, the public Sun cycling through the the Itabashi streets of Sun Village, suddenly heard behind "Bang "bang Baoxiang came, he looked back and found a D6 bus compartment jump out of the flames. "The fire is burning up from the compartment Central, not as a general burning of the smoke,Christian Louboutin uk, this is a sound of flames up brilliantly." Sun recalled, he found the fire, the bus pull over, the door is turned on. "The passengers are screaming to the door at the crowded, the front part of the passengers quickly through the front door to get off the back door is very crowded, several passengers down, fell." Sun recalls, see the bus call the police, fire, and ready to help fight the blaze. I did not realize is that after about 2 minutes, the fire will be body swallowed. The other witnesses said Wang, thanks to the bus driver is caught early and the first time parking to open the door to evacuate the passengers, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. "At that time the fire spread too fast, I am worried that the passengers were trapped in the car, Fortunately, the driver from the windows jumped out to be helped to the curb, she confirmed that all passengers in the car to get off." Shortly thereafter , police and firefighters arrived, and immediately sealed off the nearby sections of all passing vehicles are required to bypass. More than 10 firefighters more than 20 minutes of fighting, completely extinguished the fire. Unfortunately, the buses have been burned into the shell. The passenger said thanks to the driver disposed of in a timely manner,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher, according to witnesses at the scene, the spontaneous combustion of the bus, carrying more than 20 passengers, the seats are filled. The first fire of the location of the central body, is located just near the back door, leading to the evacuation speed is affected. The last to get off several passengers fell in panic, arm or leg abrasions. Item is missing quite a few passengers in the car, and later burned. After the statistics, there are four passengers sustained minor injuries during the evacuation of the arm. The bus drivers right arm fractures, facial injuries. Passengers sitting in the car behind Miss Ma recalled that before the incident, she heard a sound of "H", followed by feeling the shock waves hit,Christian Louboutin Sale Cancer girl Lu Ching sun, she looked up and found the car Central flames have been one meter. Fortunately, the driver stop in time and opened the door and evacuated the passengers. "This is a really good driver, at that time point did not panic,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher, a direction immediately pull over, and front and rear doors are open, so that we get off quickly." Ms. Ma said, when a lot of passengers on board screamed in fear scramble to run out. She got off, slipped and fell, his right arm abrasions. The other passengers of an arm abrasions Ms Chan said that the big fire up, she was sitting in the back of one of the last to get off a few passengers. "I saw compartment Central flames high, if I run again a bit slower, it is estimated that the fire closed the door." Ms Chan said that the next car, she slipped and fell down, shoes off one, too late to pick up, even barefoot roll and crawled to leave the bus. Later, well-meaning passengers adventure rushed over to help her pick up the shoes over. The fire burned too fast,Christian Louboutin Sale Beijings Fourth Ring yesterday, spontaneous combustion occurred three car r,Christian Louboutin Sale, the shoes have been burned. One last passengers to get off because of the flames leap up too high, ran into the wind, hair partially charred arms are different degrees of burns. "I do not know how to run out the sound after the big fire of the central body together, sitting in the back of the passengers rushed out from the flames next to the passenger said on condition of anonymity, she got off , the driver was still in the cab, trying to fight the blaze. The driver said all the passengers to alight before jumping through the window yesterday afternoon, Express reporter at near Meishan Hospital to see the injured bus driver Master Xu. According to her, found the compartment fire, she immediately stopped and opened the door to evacuate passengers. Was burned too fast, there is no time to fight the blaze, passengers were evacuated after the fire has spread, and no time away from the door, I had to jump out from the windows of the cab next to. " Master Xu jumped out of the car, falls face,Christian Louboutin, swollen Lao Gao, right arm fracture also is currently Meishan hospital for treatment. After the incident, the Metro bus companies more than the leaders rushed to the scene, the injured passengers to hospital for treatment. At the same time, with the cause of the accident the police investigation. Spontaneous combustion of the bus is air-conditioned car, a natural gas-fueled vehicle the fineness looks relatively new. "Fire will be the first from the middle of burning up, before the fire broke out there soon Baoxiang, below the central body has a natural gas pipeline, estimated that the pipeline leak, gas deflagration to cause a fire." Said onlookers at the scene of repair work week of the master, was fire too quickly, within a few seconds, car central fire raging, and the flames rushed up high, indicating the leakage of gas-burning. The specific cause of the fire, the police and the Metro bus company is under further investigation.

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Man get the wrong card yuan deposited in others accounts court f

Man get the wrong card yuan deposited in others accounts court finds that the bank without too
(Reporter Lin Jing correspondent Wangli Dan Guo steaming) Mr. Chang took 1 million in cash to bank deposits, was deposited into others accounts, the talks failed, only to prosecute the bank return of $ 1 million. But recently, the reporter was informed that the Haidian court finds that the bank operating the no-fault, the judgment dismissed the claims of the regular Mr.. February of this year, often to a branch of China Construction Bank, Beijing deposit of 10,000 yuan in cash, teller for End deposit-taking business, asking him to sign on the deposit slip. Mr. Chang: the graphics card on the deposit slip the name is Wang, not their own. It turned out that he will be issued their own cards with the company confuse other card, he did not know the bank card password,Christian Louboutin, unable to draw 1 million. Mr. Chang asked the bank refunded $ 10,000,Christian Louboutin uk Mistakes that high school s, but after several rounds of consultations failed, he ordered to banks to court. Mr. Chang believes that the cashier for me to take deposits, did not ask remittances, and I did not confirm the user name, account number, in case I did not agree,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher, put 10,000 yuan Wang import accounts due to bank negligence and mistakes, I can not withdraw the money, banks do not want to disclose the information of the Wang, not with the recovery of losses, the existing responsibilities and obligations of the return of 10,Christian Louboutin Sale,000 yuan! "the Court found that, often, Mr. Bank staff to provide bank card and 1 million,Chaussures Pas Cher, did not express the desired amount of the deposit less than $ 10,000. Video discs in the bank to transact business, the staff on the spot to 10,000 yuan deposit paper money twice. Trial, Mr. Chang to admit that he took the wrong card to the banks of the Wangs bank card. The court held that the trading common sense,Christian Louboutin Chengdu police said Foxconn thousands of riot for rumors Department staff stir, the bank staff have reason to believe that Mr. Chang was expected deposit of 10,Chaussures pas cher,000 yuan, and the paragraph into the card provided. The deposit-taking business, banking operations was not at fault, there is no breach. Therefore,Christian Louboutin 75-year-old man and his wife to conceive naturally produced female ex-wife the g, the court made the ruling. After the announcement, Mr. Chang has filed an appeal. Judges prompt the individual holders of bank cards have become commonplace, as Mr Chang confuse this personal card and others card from time to time. The judge reminded the individual cardholder to take deposits, be sure to carefully check the card number, deposits allow banks to assist in the inquiry cards, and avoid the wrong save.

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(Reporter Pei Xiaolan) Zhou was charged with escape,Guizhou, a bank now Leiren Xuan Chuan slogan 20 a typo, resulting in knocked down by an anonymous man injured grind rolling back of the car,Christian Louboutin, and ultimately death. Yesterday, Zhou because of suspicion of the Crime in the Fengtai court for trial, he denied to escape,Chaussures Christian Louboutin, said did not know to hit the people, the thought hit cats and dogs. 9 oclock yesterday morning, the 23-year-old Zhou was brought into the courtroom. The prosecution alleges that, last year, December 2 at 1 pm, Zhou driving Jinbei passenger cars in the inner ring, the South Fourth Ring Road,Christian Louboutin uk, a man was knocked down after the escape, followed by men, and many cars run over the final death . After the incident, the surveillance video of the the Fengtai transport detachment near the extraction site, and ultimately determine the Zhou was driving the vehicle the first to Zhou knocked down. Identified, Zhou speeding traffic,Christian Louboutin Sale, and block the plate, the primary responsibility for negative accidents; knocked a man across the main road and grind rolled his car driver Kwak negative secondary responsibility for the accident; due to have died, the victim was the second car run over the third car drivers the Dimou no responsibility. Police extensive investigation did not confirm the identity of the man known as Anonymous. December 4 last year, Zhou was arrested and brought to justice. Zhou said the guilty plea in court, but does not recognize that he is escaping. He said that the day of the incident, from Tangshan,Chaussures pas cher Daughter suffering from leukem, he bought a quantity of pork ready to pull back yuegezhuang market. Overtaking when I heard the "boom" sound, so parking hurry to go back to the sellers,Christian Louboutin Shoes, and no one would think most of the night, the Fourth Ring road,Chaussures Christian Louboutin Police suspects wedding postponed 20 hours to arrest people \(Figure\), there is no back to see. "Zhou said. The prosecutor asked: "Do you think what was hit?" Zhou replied: "I thought to hit the cats and dogs." This case is no court verdict.

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Henan father quarrel with the man drove on the freeway, hit the

Henan father quarrel with the man drove on the freeway, hit the tree caused the parent to death
This Sanmenxia hearing the Shanxian a man with the parent after an argument, due to the high-speed driving, severing poplar, resulting in the father sat in the car died on the spot. May 22, Sanmenxia Hubin District Court public hearing of the case. Reporters learned from the judge handling the case, October 5,Louboutin pas cher Assistant to the president of Peking University shelling stud, 2011, with Wang as their parents, who Shanxian a village to attend a relatives wedding. 19:30 the same day, Xu,Christian Louboutin, Wang driving the car with their father and two relatives and friends to return together. Way, Wang and his father quarreled, and two other passengers to get off, while driving with his father along the three Luo (Ning) road northward sped. 20:10 Xu, Wang driving line to three Luo (Ning),Louboutin Pas Cher Guizhou men posted to fabricate the -IPPF tragedy- sentenced to detention for fiv, road 13 m from the intersection of Bridge and hit the roadside a diameter of about 20 cm, poplar,Christian Louboutin,Christian Louboutin Outlet -Palace- re-broadcast w, poplar spot severing the automotive engine and body detachment, while the father sat in the back seat died on the spot. The forensic identification,Christian Louboutin Shoes, the death of his father is head injury. After the incident,Chaussures pas cher, the public security organs in Wang arrested for traffic crime transferred to the prosecution and prosecution. After the prosecution that the Public Prosecution Service review, Wang, knowing that high-speed driving vehicle accident resulting in occupant deaths, intentional high-speed driving, while allowing the harm results, resulting in the death of his father,Louboutin Pas Cher, should be based on intentional homicide to be criminal responsibility. Trial, the defendant Wang put forward the idea that he did not commit suicide and kill the defenders that the defendant did not unlawfully deprived of his fathers life intentionally, and does not constitute the crime of intentional homicide, that should be convicted and punished to the Crime, it is recommended that the defendant be given a lighter punishment sentenced to probation. The court did not make an immediate decision, the case is under further investigation. ? Housing Lynn Reporter correspondent Zhang Chuan

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